Vermin control for Derby and Nottingham

Specialising in the removal of mice, rats, squirrel and vermin.

Pinnacle Pest Control in Derby & Nottingham can end the menace of rodents in your home, garden or business. Rats are not only a serious health threat but they can - along with mice, moles and voles - cause damage to buildings, crops, gardens and business stock. An infestation by rodents can also seriously harm your reputation. Our staff are fully trained in the latest rodent control techniques and understand the misery that can be caused if a rodent problem in your home, shop or business in the Derby area is not dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Pinnacle Pest Control knows how to deal professionally and discreetly with any rat or mouse infestation problem.

We can also provide help and advice which will help you to keep your Derby business or home free of rodents in future via our Commercial Pest Control division. Rats and mice are usually more active at night. Signs that you may have a rat or mouse problem are the presence of torn-up and shredded materials, such as fabric, paper, cardboard - which they use for nesting and droppings. Mouse droppings are small and oval - similar to dark grains of rice - while rat droppings are 1-2 cm long and oval. Scratching noises at night may also indicate a rodent problem. Rats are also responsible for a distinctive ammonia-like smell and can leave behind greasy marks where they have rubbed against surfaces such as skirting boards and walls. Rats can carry and spread serious diseases including Weil's Disease, Salmonella, E. Coli which can affect people and pets. They also carry fleas, ticks and mites and can cause allergic reactions. If rats or mice are in the garden of your home, or attracted to areas outside your shop, bar, restaurant or other business, it is important to get rid of them because they may well move inside in the search for food or a warm, dry place to breed.

Services include:
  • Rat and rat nest removal
  • Mice and vole control
  • Mole control and removal
  • Squirrel removal and control


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Thank you Pinnacle for coming to our rescue quickly when we found our house had gained an extra 'lodger' in the form of a mouse! We were delighted that they came to see us so quickly and dealt with the problem straight away.

Mrs & Mrs Parkes, Long Eaton