Insect control Derby & Nottingham

Including bed-bugs, bee/wasp nest removal and cockroach control

Professional experts from Pinnacle Pest Control can quickly and safely eradicate an insect problem in your home or business in the Derby and Nottingham area. Although shop shelves are stacked with products to tackle infestations of ants, beetles, fleas, wasps, moths, woodlice, bedbugs, weevils, silverfish, cockroaches and more it can be confusing to know which products can be used safely and how effective they will be.

Calling in the Pinnacle Pest Control people puts your problem in safe hands and takes all the worry and uncertainty out of choosing the right solution.

Some insects are a risk because they can bite or sting, or they can contaminate food and preparations surfaces, or they can damage property and products when they are present in numbers. Mites, weevils and beetles are attracted to foodstuffs and timber. If left untreated they can multiply and prove more difficult to remove. The nocturnal bed bug does not just infest beds and beddings. They can also be found in broken plaster, crevices and cracks in walls and under carpets and wallpapers. They do feed on human blood leaving the skin sore and irritated. There is an insecticide available for just about every type of insect in the UK - but knowing which to use in your building or garden area is where you need help and advice from the professionals at Derby-based Pinnacle Pest Control. Flying insects including flies, wasps, moths can be more than just a nuisance. Flies contaminate food and drink, wasps can destroy fabrics and wasp stings can be dangerous to those who have an allergy. Cockroaches are one of the crawling insects that can spread unpleasant illnesses like gastro-enteritis, Salmonella and dysentry. Children, the elderly and those already sick or ill are particularly at risk from these insects. Some insect droppings have been linked with increased chances of developing asthma and eczema, it is believed.

Services include:

  • Bed bug removal
  • Wasp and bee nest removal
  • Flea control
  • Ants nest removal
  • Insect proofing
  • Moth control and removal
  • Fly control
  • cockroach removal


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Living near open fields, we've been troubled by mice in the house on several occasions before. We've tried different companies to deal with the problems but found that Pinnacle not only solved our present problem but were on hand to offer lots of useful advice for preventing the problem in future.

Mr D Southgate, Ockbrook, Derby