Domestic pest control Derby and Nottingham

Solving a pest outbreak in your home can be a difficult and worrying time for busy families. Trust the experts at Pinnacle Pest Control in Derby to deal efficiently, quickly and safely with any pest infestations.

The most common pest problems that families in Derby and Nottingham report are ants, rats, mice, wasps, spiders, moths, cockroaches, woodlice, bedbugs and flies.

Some of these pests can spread disease and illness to both people and pets. They can cause acute allergic reactions and also damage furniture, clothes, plaster, timber, toys and bedding. Rodents and insects can contaminate food, crockery, and kitchen surfaces and be a health threat and nuisance to children and the elderly as well as those recuperating from illness. You need expert advice to deal with an infestation of rodents or insects and to enable you to know how you can best prevent repeat incidents. Pests can keep returning, but at Pinnacle Pest Control, staff are trained in the latest techniques and products for safe pest removal and control. Gardens also need to be kept clear of some pests because of dangers to family members and pets. Rats in a garden are liable to try and make their way into the house to seek out food and warmth and can wreak even more serious damage and misery indoors.

Rats carry disease, mites and fleas and produce large quantities of droppings and leave an unpleasant ammonia-like smell behind. They need permanently removing fast.

Noises at night in your attic could indicate that rats are nesting up there, and unexplained smear marks along skirting boards might indicate a rat has passed by because they tend to lean against walls in order to feel secure. Look out for gnawed electric cabling in kitchens and living rooms. A wasp's nest in the garden can endanger children, adults and pets. Get expert advice from Pinnacle Pest Control so that the problem is safely removed. Tackling it yourself could result in serious risks. CONTACT US TODAY TO DISCUSS YOUR PEST PROBLEM.

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Thank you Pinnacle for coming to our rescue quickly when we found our house had gained an extra 'lodger' in the form of a mouse! We were delighted that they came to see us so quickly and dealt with the problem straight away.

Mrs & Mrs Parkes, Long Eaton