Commercial Pest Control for Derby & Nottingham

Pinnacle Pest Control in Derby firmly believes in working in partnership with commercial customers to arrive at a fast, safe, efficient and discreet solution to any issues they are having with rodent or insect infestations inside or outside their premises. Rats, mice, and insects like cockroaches and wasps can cause major problems and health risks for shops, offices, restaurants, bars and other businesses.

Pests can threaten the health of customers and staff and they can also seriously contaminate food and food preparations areas and damage business stock, furnishings and even the fabric of buildings.

When a business and its reputation are at risk, it's time to call in the experts rather than try and tackle the problem alone. Pinnacle Pest Control can advise you of how to prevent future infestations and outbreaks and how to get rid or rodents and insects and other pests safely. Whatever the type of business you run in Derby or Nottingham, Pinnacle Pest Control has the right products and the latest techniques to help you deal with insects, mice or rats. Food and drink manufacturers and businesses need pro-active, rapid response solutions that provide early warning of possible problems and treat them safely. Older buildings, perhaps featuring old timbers, may attract some pests that feast on damp and wood. In offices, mites and fleas can cause misery to employees if they multiply in, and under, fitted carpets encouraged by warmth. Rodents can also be attracted to food waste and rubbish and may cause serious damage to electrical cabling. Healthcare facilities, care homes for the elderly and childcare buildings need specialist help to ensure that vulnerable children, older people and those who are ill or vulnerable to infection are safe from pests and the possible side effects of inappropriately-administered treatments. Building sites, warehouse facilities, factories and storage areas can all provide a welcome haven for rodents who can eat and damage stock and affect the health and well-being of employees.

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Thank you Pinnacle for coming to our rescue quickly when we found our house had gained an extra 'lodger' in the form of a mouse! We were delighted that they came to see us so quickly and dealt with the problem straight away.

Mrs & Mrs Parkes, Long Eaton