Bird control Derby, Nottingham and surrounding areas

Bird control is a specialist area of pest control which requires expert handling in order to stop birds from landing, roosting or nesting in areas where they will cause a nuisance. The two most common types of nuisance birds in the UK are gulls and pigeons. Their droppings are acidic and can cause damage to buildings, machinery and stock. Bird droppings can represent a health hazard as people can slip over and injure themslves.

Pigeons can carry a number of diseases such as psittacosis (often called 'pigeon fancier's lung') and salmonella. Pigeon droppings also allow the organisms that cause diseases such as cryptococcis, aspergillosis and listeriosis to grow and multiply. Parasites such as fleas, mites and ticks also live on pigeons.

Pinnacle Pest Control can help businesses in and around Derby and Nottingham - including shops, restaurants, bars, schools, councils, horticultural and agricultural companies to tackle problems with nuisance birds. We operate within all the required UK laws and restrictions to help control birds using safe, humane and environmentally-friendly methods.

When birds nest in inconvenient and inappropriate sites, there can be secondary pest problems if insects infest their nesting areas. In sites where people are gathering and food is being consumed, picnic areas, shopping centres and seated areas outside cafes, bars and restaurants, birds - especially gulls - can swoop on unsuspecting customers and pedestrians in a bid to get their food causing alarm and distress. Birds may also attack people during the nesting season if they feel that their chicks are under threat.

The noise that gulls make can also be an irritant. Unless you have a bird control strategy in place for your business you can lose customers and revenue. You will also face the ongoing costs of cleaning up bird droppings. Pinnacle Pest Control can advise you on solutions such as effective non-toxic products which will deter and prevent nuisance birds from roosting above buildings and defacing areas with their droppings. In their quest for food, birds will also steal fruit and orchards and crops from agricultural businesses. Physical bird deterrents include nets and barriers which prevent birds from roosting and nesting. Pinnacle Pest Control can supply and fit these methods, and advise on other solutions.


Pinnacle were great when it came to tackling our bed bug problem. We were a little embarrassed about the problem to be honest, but they put us immediately at ease and tackled the problem quickly and easily for us.

Mrs J Williams, Duffield, Derby